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March 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hello and welcome to my new website.  

Those of you who have visited my web site previously may have thought the layout wasn't sharp enough and some thought it was ok.  My previous site became too busy with a mix of social, family and anything else that I could put on the site.  However, after a lot of soul searching I took the plunge and completely revamped my website to what you are now looking at.  


Why did I do it?

I had two providers, Photoshelter and Wordpress, both excellent organisations, but I never seemed to be in control, or produce what I wanted.  I was contacted by many organisations that would make me a star on Google and the world (for lots of money) as I expect some of you get the same e mails.  I did spend some money with a few SEO specialists, but to no avail.  Maybe that was to do with the design of the site, but I was up for a change. 


How did I do it?  

I decided I would construct the site without the assistance from software specialists.

On my quest for an organisation that fitted my requirements; that being simple to configure (no programming), offered a dynamic display for my images - straight away,  a good gallery/photos section and a cart for selling.  

I came across 'Zenfolio', liked what I saw and proceeded to build this site as you see it now.  My site still needs some polishing and fine tuning, but I will endeavour to build on the present platform.


The Result

I consider the Zenfolio platform to be about the best I have come across and can recommend it to anyone who wants to build their own site.


Benjafields_Bentleys.02874.ABenjafields_Bentleys.02874.ALine up of the Bentleys and other cars at Benjafield's Sprint Goodwood 23 May 2015

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