Nikon Owner Recommends Michael Huggan

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Nikon Owner Recommends Michael Huggan

What a wonderful start to 2018 when I opened the latest issue of Nikon Owner Magazine and on the inside page of the front cover my image Boots and Butts is featured with a recommendation from such a prestige magazine.

Nikon Owner front cover 1Nikon Owner Magazine Nikon Owner Magazine inside page features Michael Huggan image 'Boots & Butts' as the recommended photographer of the magazine for this issue/

Boots & Butts Nikon magazineANikon Owner Recommends Michael Huggan

Nikon Owner Magazine is edited by Gray Levett, founder of Grays of Westminster, the award - winning exclusively Nikon dealer in London.  The magazine is packed with wonderful features on photography with contributions from well know national and international photographers.  I recommend to any Nikon photographer who is interested in only the very best of Nikon information is to subscribe to the magazine.

The Image - Boots and Butts

The image displayed on the page is from my collection of Colorado Cowboys at Sombrero Ranch gallery and shows Wranglers from the Sombrero Ranch in Colorado sitting on the top rail of a coral watching horses being broken in.  I spent a week at the ranch with the Wranglers and photographed the 'The Great American Horse Drive' where over 600 horses were brought down from the winter pasture to the summer grazing area at Sombrero Ranch.

The image is one of my most successful and I have sold many large canvas prints.  The image can be viewed and purchased from my website michael huggan photography.

My thanks to Grays of Westminster for permission to publish the page from the magazine.


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