Barry011ABarry012Barry013Barry013ABarry014Barry017Barry019DSC_7115Allan Miles enters Madgwick corner the Maserati 250FAllan Miles drives the Maserati 250F in the Richmond Trophy official practice race.Allan Miles surges ahead of Jose Albuquerque  at the start in the Maserati 250F, Richmond Trophy race.Roger Tushingam in the MG N Type SpecialBeverley Phillips behind her MGBChristopher Phillips in the Cooper BristolStephen Bond in his Lister Flat IronCooper Bristol T24/25 with John UreDurward Lawson in his Riley SpecialFierro Guillermo in his Maserati 250Fat HGPCAHanno LichtschlagElva Mk 7s at HGPCA Practice dayTony Wood in the Lister