My photography can best be described as a passion.  Over the years I have travelled to many countries, including Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia in pursuit of my photography.

I prefer photographing Travel, Nature and Sports where the action is.

I am a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and started work at the age of sixteen.  A few years later I fell in love with photography which started a long journey from black and white film through to digital as it is today.  I embraced digital finally having total control from taking the shot to final printing.

I sought out other photographers who’s pictures I admired.  Where possible, I spent time in the field and watched how they approached their subject, their planning, what they looked for and what they wanted from the picture well before they pressed the shutter button!  What equipment they used, why did they have that make and choice of lenses. I questioned everything.  Get it right in the camera and you will be rewarded when you view the final result - a statement that has survived the test of time. You should see the final picture your mind before taking the shot.

Do you look at pictures and think WOW! how did they get that shot, that’s the first step on your journey.  Your goal is to achieve your own WOW factor - best of luck.  It is a long, frustrating and rewarding journey.

I am an Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society with awards including Gold and Bronze medals from the Royal Photographic Society and the Photographic Society of America, plus numerous ribbons, commendations and publications.

I only use Nikon bodies and lenses with a range to suit all situations - well maybe not all!

Enjoy the pictures.