Most of the images displayed in my web site have a story to tell.  I have put together a number of stories from my travels and assignments that include technical aspects, planning a trip and the humorous element.  The following list will give you an idea of the subject with a short description of the main items of each talk.  If required, my talks can be tailored to a specific theme.


My Photography - Point and Shoot

This talk is about how I approach my photography and show how getting that special image is as simple as possible. I include a selection of images from a range of subjects, a description of each image, where it was taken, equipment and settings and  about being ready to take that special picture.


What to do with all those images

​This talk is about utilising all those images you have taken from holidays and special events.  In this digital age we have swapped drawers full of enprints for hard drives with digital images.   Viewing your images is only the start of what you can produce from your digital files.  I will describe and show you how to turn your images into slide shows with music, produce photo books, DVDs, Note cards, calendars and other items.  I will show a number of slide shows that show the finished result.  Examples of my slide shows can be found HERE

African Wildlife

This talk is about my African adventures and how I set out to capture those once in a lifetime images.  My travels have taken me to Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.  I show animals and birds from these countries and describe how the picture was taken and other information associated with that image.  


 Cowboys of the West  

Images of Cowboys on ranches in Colorado and Wyoming and the fast action Rodeos.



Images of Historic and Vintage racing cars, GT, F2 and Touring cars, Hill Climbing, shows and displays.



Images from Eventing, Carriage Driving, Show jumping from the UK and abroad.


All the talks, as described, last for about two hours, usually split into two parts of an hour each with the second part including questions from the  audience.   


Contact me to book your talk.  Cost: £160.00. plus travel expenses.


The back end oftTwo Hippopotamus leaving the river at Ruaha National Park, TanzaniaTHE END


I look forward to sharing my photographic adventures with you.