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Images from my travels through Africa including Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa.
Lion on a termite mound in the Masai MaraHippopotamus with jaws openElephants at Ruaha National ParkFour Zebras drinking at the water holeCheetah sitting on Termite MoundKen.062796 copyBuffalo with OxpeckersWild dogs resting in Selous Game ReserveImpala Herd_Serengeti_AfricaYoung lion asleep in the afternoon sunHippopotamus yawningGiraffe portrait headshotFour Cheetahs hunting at Buffalo SpringsHippopotamus asleep with OxpeckersLappet-faced VultureLion cub in the grassTwo Hippopotamus sparing in the waterDSC_7902Two Flamingos fly over Lake MakatLion yawning in the morning