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Juneau to Ketchikan, Alaska on the MV Discovery, an 87ft motor yacht. exploring the islands and inlets of the Inside Passage Southern Alaska.
MV DiscoveryFishing trawler in Stephens PassageIceberg n Stephens PassageCruising boat anchored in coveThe Disney World cruise ship in Stephens PassageHumpback whale tail  in Stephens PassageBald Eagle on Iceberg in Endecott ArmJulia, Ron and Jan on the bow of the MV DiscoveryWaterfall spilling into  Endecott ArmIceberg in Endecott ArmDawes Glacier at the end of Endecott ArmIce Seals in Endecott ArmMichael, and Julia with the Dawes GlacierDawes Glacier calving,Dawes Glacier calving,Waterfall spilling into  Endecott ArmRolling ice after calving at the Dawes GlacierHumpback whale tail  in Stephens PassageIceberg in Endecott ArmStella Sea Lion Rookery