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Historic Grand Prix Cars Association hold their practice day at Silverstone Race circuit.
Fierro Guillermo in his Maserati 300SWulf Goetze in the Cooper T53Christopher Phillips in the Cooper BristolChloe Mason driving the Aston Martin Ulster LM18Elva Mk 7s at HGPCA Practice dayRoger Tushingam in the MG N Type SpecialHanno Lichtschlag in the paddockAndrew Hibberd in the Cooper T75Durward Lawson in his Riley SpecialHGPCA Practice day SilverstoneHGPCA Practice day SilverstoneBeverley Phillips behind her MGBHanno LichtschlagElva Mk 7s at HGPCA Practice dayRichard Wilson in the Lotus 27 FJWulf Goetze by the Cooper T53 and Hanno LichtschlagHGPCA Practice day SilverstoneMartin Stretton in the Lotus 24Stephen Bond in his Lister Flat IronRichard Kent's helmet  on his Ulster Jaguarà at HGPCA Practice day Silverstone