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A selection of images from Rodeos in Houston, Texas and Ocala, Florida, USA.
Runaway bronco restrained at Houston RodeoA Bareback rider gets bucked off at the Houston RodeoChuck Wagon Race at the Houston RodeoBull rider is Bucked off at the Ocala Pro Rodeo event,A rider hangs onto a steer at Ocala Pro RodeoA cowboy waits by the gate for the next contender at Ocala Pro RodeoMotif on a shirt showing the 5 star rodeo logo at the OcalaPhotographers jump clear as the runaway bronco is restrained at the Houston Rodeobareback-riding-rodeo-houston-1002saddle-bronc-riding-rodeo-houston-1309ocala_rodeo.036ocala_rodeo.046ocala_rodeo.077ocala_rodeo.080bareback-riding-rodeo-houston-800ocala_rodeo.083ocala_rodeo.085ocala_rodeo.086ocala_rodeo.088ocala_rodeo.101