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Images from Hill climbing events
John Earle Marsh in his 1935 Hotchkiss Alvis Silver Eagle special 3500cc carPip Moseley on his Ducatti 950 HCS Motor Cycle at Gurston DownPhillip Whitehead on track in his Ferrari F355 Berlinetta at Gurston DownPaddock area for the road going specialist production cars at Gurston DownCallum Barney in his Ford Cortina GT at Gurston DownJames Kew on the bank in his Peugeot 205 GTI at Gurston DownNo. 943 Chris Burley's Jamun M91 and Neal Coles OMS CF04Mark Parrett in his Autotune Gemini at Gurston DownAlan Jolly on his 950 KTM Motor Cycle at Gurston DownKeith Wilson in his MG Midget Mk 1 at Gurston DownJerry Bailey's Mallock Mk14 in the paddock at Gurston DownShaun Fudge in his Subaru Impreza WRX at GurstonPiers Thynne in his Westfield Megabusa at Gurston DownLawrence Alexander in his Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe at Gurston DownStuart Mills, in front, on his Asprillia Tuono motor cycle at Gurston DownSimon Taylor in his Alpine GTA V6 Turbo at Gurston DownAlan Beardshaw in the 1934 Aston Martin Ulster 1495cc car at La vie en bleuColin Way's Westfield SEiW in the paddock at Gurston DownIan Ingleheart in his Westfield SE at Gurston DownAndy Tippett in the Russel Alexis FF by Barrie Wood's Ferrari 355 GTS